. MAYA - Bannonbrig Pussycat Doll del Mavaya

Maya is a Brown Roan Italian Spinone bitch, born on the 4th July 2008
She was bred by Mike, Carole & Nicola Spencer in Lancashire

Her Kennel Club Name is

Bannonbrig Pussycat Doll del Mavaya

Sire: Bannonbrig Baldassare for Diggmere
Dam: Queen Of The May by Bannonbrig

Maya was a bit of a surprise. Having been on a waiting list for a puppy later in the year I thought I would have a few months to prepare for a new arrival however, fate had other ideas. A picture of a beautiful brown roan puppy was posted on an online group and she was just gorgeous. I asked a friend for her opinion and she agreed that I should make enquiries, so I did! To cut a long story short, this saw a friend, Claire, my sister Deb and myself set off up North early on a Saturday morning to take a look. 4 hours later we arrived and Maya did not disappoint.

I can't put into words how much I love Maya, of course I love all my dogs but Maya is my "heart dog"
She's so very loving & always by my side, she shares my bed every night and even shares my pillow - a real Mummy's girl!
We do everything together and I would be completely lost without her.

On show days she is the one that's up at the crack of dawn, waiting (not so) patiently by the front door, she always accompanies us wherever we go.
Now retired, she loved showing, her tail would wag from start to finish & she never let me down.

She enjoys any other activity you can throw at her which have included obedience, flyball & agility. You name it, Maya will love it!



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