. MARGOT - Rabbitville Fauve avec Mavaya (Imp Dnk)

Margot is a Fawn Picardy Sheepdog (Berger Picard) bitch, born on the 27th October 2019
She was bred by Tina Otto in Denmark

Her Kennel Club Name is

Rabbitville Fauve avec Mavaya (Imp Dnk)

Sire: Multi Champion Ilan Des Jardin De Damalis WJW KLBJCH KBHV DKKV DKV KTH-B KLBCH KTH-S KLBVECH DKVECH AARHV AARHVV (Import France)
La Maja De La Forêt De Garou (Import France)

I first met a group of Picards at a dog event more than 20 years ago, I remember being amazed by their wonderful ears. Back then the internet was not what it is today and although I tried I never managed to track down a breeder in the UK and I didn't want to do quarantine. So, that wish was put on the back burner and many years passed.

Fast forward to the end of 2019 and I found myself following many Picards on Instagram and falling back in love with them. The search began.....

I naturally thought I would either get one from the UK or perhaps go to France however after a lot of research I decided a French raised puppy would not be what I was after since I wished to show. Litters in the UK are of course very hard to come by so Denmark it was.

Importing was not an easy process & was very stressful, I was going to fly her over but that would have meant an overnight stop in Amsterdam which I didn't think was fair on a young puppy so I set about finding a road courier instead. I could not believe how many had no idea about the current import enforcements considering it's their job. One company even thanked me for telling them and then changed their processes accordingly! Another one who I'd been in contact with for months about it all turned around a couple of weeks prior to travel to tell me that they are now going two weeks later than planned and could only get her to Calais where I would have to pick her up from.

Anyway, everything was eventually sorted and on a dark, rainy night in February my girl finally arrived home after a 24 hour journey.

Margot is just wonderful, not only is she beautiful to look at but she has a beautiful temperament to match. Very obedient, a huge cuddler and my protector when we're out. I am so happy with her and look forward to many years ahead.




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