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Ava is a White & Orange Italian Spinone bitch, born on the 19th February 2007
She was bred by Tracy Davies in Herts
Her Kennel Name is

Montecani Just Eva del Mavaya
Sire: Show Champion Babiot Del Mongioie At Montecani (Import Italy)
Dam: Show Champion Montecani Uma

Ava came to live with us after a bit of a wait. A few years ago I met and fell for a beautiful Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla at a local show, at the time we were not looking for another addition to the family so I just admired the breed from afar. I researched them and similar 'whiskery' breeds on the internet including the German Wirehaired Pointer, the Korthal Griffon & the Berger Picard but it was not until Crufts that I really started to take notice of the Spinone. I remember a pair walked past us and that was it, bam, I just had to have one! I loved their unique shape, their big feet & of course their beautiful faces. The very next day I started researching the breed, everything I read, good & bad made me want one even more.
A couple of months later I came across the Spinone Yahoo Group - full of great breeders, show people and pet owners alike, all willing to help and share information on the breed.
After asking if anyone knew of any forthcoming litters I was lucky enough to be contacted by Tracy. After disappointments with a couple of matings I was over the moon when Ava finally came into the world!

Ava is so special to me, the first dog I could call my own. She is more than I could have ever wished for, such a gentle, sweet girl & can never put a paw wrong in my eyes!

Ava is my first show dog and we have had great fun learning the ropes of this hobby together, me more so than her!

At the end of 2011 my world fell apart when I saw Ava have her first seizure. another few & then a further 8 seizures in 24 hours followed a week later and at that point we had no choice but to put her on medication. We have learned to cope but it is devastating to watch, especially to such a sweet, loving girl, she doesn't deserve it. Please do your research when buying a puppy, some breeders are not forthcoming with details of epilepsy in their lines so feel free to contact me if you wish and I will be honest as I wouldn't wish this on anyone/dog.

Ava is now retired from the show ring and spends her days being spoilt!!