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Awelymor Italian Spinoni & French Barbet

Teazledown Italian Spinone

Teazledown Italian Spinone

Braccanza Bracco Italiano

Bellissimo Boys

Croft Farm

Netis Italian Spinoni & French Barbet

Kirkavagh Irish Setters

Riannta Spinoni & Boxer

Sabisabi American Cocker Spaniels

Braintree & District Dog Training Association


Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain
Southern Italian Spinone Society
Italian Spinone Rehome Animal Health Trust
South of England Irish Setter Club
Irish Setters Breeders Club Irish Setter Association, England National Australian Shepherd Association Australian Shepherd Club UK
The Dogs Trust Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Redwings Horse Sanctuary Champdogs
The Blue Cross
Irish Setter Rescue Group Cats Protection League

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