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Lena is a Kokoni, born on the 6th April 2016 (approx)
Her Kennel Name is
Cypriot Soul Joins Mavaya (Imp Cyp)

Having had Freya for over 3 years the search began for another Cypriot rescue to join our family.
Lena was posted on the P.A.W.S Facebook page as being abandoned along with her Mum and siblings due to the death of their owner. She was just what we were looking for.
We decided to offer her a home to then be told she's already reserved to someone in Holland. However a couple of weeks after that we were informed it had all fallen through and she was available again. Once again we said we'd like her to then find out this time we were now up against a different lady in Holland who also wanted her. Luckily our home check was booked in super fast, we passed and she was now definitely reserved to us.

At 2.15am on the 26th March 2017 we set off on our road trip to Gatwick Airport. Lena had landed on British soil at 1.25am and we finally met at 3.45am. We arrived home at 5.45am in need of some sleep!